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    Default China to invest 15 billion dollars in green cars

    China plans to invest more than 100 billion yuan (14.8 billion dollars) over the next decade to boost the development of energy-saving vehicles, state media reported Wednesday.


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    In China 90 percent of their cars are imported.
    they should first try to built normal cars reliable.
    But they are not interested in the industry and engineer world.

    What is exacly a green car?
    an elecrtic car. We don’t need that.
    it’s a big joke an electic car. We must produce electricity anyway with oil in the electricity plant.
    and nobody want to buy that, we need 9 hours for loading the batteries.
    And after a few miles the bateries are empty
    it’s a big waste of row materials.
    Need a lot of energy to built one, and people who buy it don’t use it..

    Frankly we don’t need a car often.
    Most of us, we can do it with a scooter or a motorbike.
    very ecofriendly.

    And once a week or once a month we rent a car.

    I m a foreigner, I m often in China.
    the car topic in China.
    Chinese people often are like children.
    They only lik new things.
    They totally look down people who buy second hand cars or second hand flats.
    They build millions of new flat. The modern people want only new flats.
    After only 30 year, they destroy everything.
    Such a waste. Such an ecological massacre.
    In the west our buildings last 100 years at least.
    In China 30 years.

    The materials we use for bulding a building, is being used for 100 years.
    In China it’s being used 30 years.

    The same with the cars.
    The modern people in this country buy imported cars from America and Germany.
    Only brand new cars.
    Second hand is something impossible to imagine.
    then millions of this brand new cars, sleep outside at night.
    After 8 years or ten years they get rust and they throw it to the scrap.
    Such a waste. So many row materials wasted.
    People don’t cover their cars at night.
    people don’t invest in a car parkink lot.
    Just no repect for the items.

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China to invest 15 billion dollars in green cars

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