Hi! I’m new to Green Forum and wanted to share info about the revolutionary new G-OIL® from Green Earth Technologies (GET). Your admin, Cass, said it was cool that I post this!

G-OIL® is not refined or recycled motor oil, but a blend of nature's American grown base oils to provide superior performance protection during the maximum oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers. It’s also the first U.S. produced biodegradable motor oil to be approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API). If you’ve been looking for non-toxic, sustainable oil, GET wants you to try G-OIL® for free with a mail in rebate for a 5 quart bottle of 5W-30! Learn more at the Social Media Release, plus click here to print a copy for yourself. In order for the rebate to be valid, you must use the link provided! G-OIL® is now available at WalMart stores. Act fast - this offer is only good until Saturday, 4.30.11!

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! What other green products have you switched to?