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    Default SID2Day - Smarter tomorrow

    No matter your profession, White-Collar, or Blue, a Construction Worker, WalMart greeter, Scientist, or Gardner if you are under the age of 60 you will be alive when we run out of oil. Some will say that they have been hearing that for years, well that may be true. However, the information on how much oil is in reserve is false. We do not truly know how much is in reserve, Google “Oil Reserves” and you will truly see how complicated and politically incorrect it is to tell the truth. Can you imagine if we run out of oil today, how chaotic for governments around the world? So in short, sustainable design, whether wind, solar, geo-thermal, ocean tide, or river flow all of us need to be more knowledgeable and skilled today. Join whatever green group comes your way, reach out with your hand, bend your back, use your mind to imagine, develop and build a sustainable tomorrow. Educate yourself and you will educate those around you.

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    Good post sid2day! I agree. It is only a matter of time before we do run out of oil. Many including myself believe we have already reached 'peak oil'. Reaching peak oil does not mean the end of oil, it simply means that we are not as easily able to tap into new supplies and meet the every increasing demand as easily. This translates into higher prices which we are seeing today. Currently over $80. Unless we plan accordingly the transition away from oil reliance will be chaotic.

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    I don't believe oil will run out anytime soon. There are still lots of unexplored parts on the Earth that may have huge amounts of oil deposits. Say for example the ones below sea? I'm sure many companies are exploring or entertaining this option since oil has been found there. It's just a matter of getting to it that's in the way. We may have the techonology now but yes it's time we focus on alternatives already. Renewable energy is they key! We can't wait until oil runs out. Imagine if that would happen. The economy would basically crumble since it's built around oil.

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