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    Default Green energy must wait

    A debate rages in the United States and the world regarding the continued development and implementation of renewable energy sources. In and of itself, renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydro, are extremely useful and viable options to contribute to the power grid.


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    That's only because money dominates everything. Green energy is obviously not about making some investor rich, but saving the Earth from ecocide and we humans from extinction, a fate that no amount of money will stop once the biosphere turns sour from all the oil and coal based pollution.

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    While debates rage on, time runs out for future generations, and really, most species on Earth. We were told that we had to cut fossil fuel use 90% within a decade, back in 2006, to guarantee saving the biosphere from certain thermageddon. Now, it is a 50% chance to do it if we cut emissions that much by 2020. The odds keep getting worse the more dilly dallying around by governments and those that influence them--big business. We were given the choice in 2008's "Blind Spot" documentary; keep burning fossil fuels and the ecology will collapse or quit burning fossil fuels and the growth only economy will collapse.
    Well, good riddance!
    29 November (Please forward to your friends - click on envelope icon above!)

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    ON THE NET (Since the last update):

    Why is economic growth so popular? - Ugo Bardi
    We are, in effect, committing suicide - Paul Farrell
    Seizing wealth of the 1% can't create viable middle class - Jan Lundberg
    Occupy movement needs to think big about a new economy - Gus Speth

    The Coloradoan: New documentary examines growth issues
    CSRWire: Green and lean: striking the right balance for true prosperity
    New Internationalist: Growth is not the solution
    Think Progress: Director of new documentary says "Stop drinking the Kool-Aid"
    Marc Gunther: What's wrong with economic growth?

    Explore new paths forward
    Network takes aim at GrowthBusters
    GrowthBusters premiere report
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    Dave Gardner

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