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    Default what is a Green Job?

    Ok so I never did get what this Green Job is all about. It is kinda vague. Would somebody in the forums please explain a bit on what kind of job makes it "green?" Thanks in advance!

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    I'll take a wild guess and say it is a job that has something to do with saving the environment or generally has something to do with it. LOLZ!

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    Default US BLS final definition of "Green Job"

    The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has just published a report with their final definition of a "Green Job":

    Final BLS definition of green jobs.
    BLS has developed this definition of green jobs for use in data collection in two planned surveys. Green jobs are either:

    1. Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.
    2. Jobs in which workers' duties involve making their establishment's production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.

    For more details see: BLS definition of Green Jobs

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    Eco jobs; selling so-called green products is not really one of them if the products do very little to help reduce CO2, or garbage. People that manufacture solar panels and wind generators have green jobs. A doctor who provides sterilizations is doing green work by helping lower population, the root cause of all environmental problems. People building Earthships and Straw Bale construction, water recycling systems, etc. have green jobs.
    One thing is certain, profiteers are not green(like the BLS=BS), and that is a markup of more that a few percent above manufacturing,& distribution costs(from parasites like consultants, sales, or LEED Cert. crap). People selling power using, non-essential trinkets, are not green.
    Notice, they hate Do-It-Yourselfers!!! BLS doesn't even mention Earthship/straw bale building!!!
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