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    Default Thousands in Asia join global message on climate (AFP)

    AFP - Tens of thousands of people in the Asia-Pacific region Sunday planted trees, collected trash and campaigned against pollution for what organisers hope is the world's biggest day of climate-change activism.


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    According to this article all those people are devoting one day to clean up the planet as a message to World leaders to do it 365 days a year? But World leaders are addicted to business as usual, so they're not going to change anything except grow the economy for the growing population for the growing wealth of thousands of wanna-be millionaires and billionaires. There is only one basic way to stop that:

    Give all women the legally protected right to decide how many children to birth. When the vast majority decide on no more than one, two or three, the human population will be reduced, the mega-farm agribusiness will collapse and billions of people will have to grow their own gardens. Then the planet can return to its natural order and human civilization may survive. But I see very little evidence that women are being so liberated, except in Europe, North America and Australia. Everywhere else, husbands, churches and mosques are forcing wives to birth 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 children for the wealth and power of the male-dominated nation in violent competition against all the others. The planet cannot survive that, but they are addicted and refuse to see any ecocidal consequences of such behavior. Obviously then, the people themselves need to do what is necessary to survive, but oops, they're addicted too, so much so they refuse even to talk about the fact of their own overpopulated existence, but get mad as hell if the President fails to create all the jobs they need to go right on growing and expanding forever! Bill McKibben is doing wonderful work, but it's not going to change the basic delusions that drive men to grow and exploit the planet to ecocide and extinction. Only the women can do that, but so many are intimidated by their husbands and organized religion, business as usual rules the World. So, each new summer season will be hotter and the weather more violent as macho-mankind grows and expands his competeing industrial empires.
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Thousands in Asia join global message on climate (AFP)

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