Advice and Guidance Needed to Help Promote an Important "Green" Idea.

Hello and thankyou for reading this post. We are a new company that has recently created a website; LearnByCam - Online Lessons Home, which supports online teaching and learning. Essentially, "online lessons" take place using webcams as the "virtual classroom". This has a number of environmental benefits for both teacher and student as both parties are able to save time, money and the environment by learning and teaching online from home, and therefore avoid needless journeys.

Although we recognise this wont "solve the world's problems" alone, we passionately believe that "every little helps" and by encouraging people to change their thinking, and by avoiding journeys via car, bus, train or motorcycle will not only help congestion but help lower the harmful effects, which unnecessary travelling can bring.

The reason for posting to this forum is to ask for your advice and guidance regarding the most effective way to promote this "green" idea. Although there is already a lot of information within the public domain, this can still sometimes feel like a large mountain to climb. As a small company with a very limited budget we are trying to deliver the environmental benefits Online teaching or learning can bring, in the most effective manner.

Generally or specifically;

1) Which organisations, groups or websites would you recommend, which could help us promote these benefits to the general public?

2) Is there a "top 10" (or similar) of things we should or shouldnt do?

3) We are going to produce a "Think Green" page to our site in the future and welcome any comments regarding this.

We sincerely value, appreciate and thank you for any comments, tips, help or advice which you believe would aid us in "getting our message across."

If you require further information, please visit LearnByCam - Online Lessons Home or email

Kind Regards