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    Default How to Green Your Thanksgiving

    If you're grateful for the natural world this Thanksgiving, you're likely to appreciate these tips, which aim to help you preserve the planet while planning your holiday festivities.

    Avital Binshtock: How to Green Your Thanksgiving

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    I am very much nature lover and always hapy and ready to do something in favor of nature and environmrnt. We can make self our nature and envronmeny green by groeing own food, growing more and more trees, recyling, resusing thr products, save the water resources and energy etc. These all are Eco friendly products and can help to save the environmrnt.

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    But if there are more human beings every year who need more of everything, can this planet provide it? How many people can the Earth support? Green technology is wonderful, but don't you think there needs to be land and sea for other species as well as ourselves? We need green technology, but we also need a green planet. Otherwise, there won't be anything left to be thankful for.
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How to Green Your Thanksgiving

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