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    Default A Look Into the Oceanís Future

    There is simply no exaggerating the importance of the oceans to earthís overall ecological balance. Their health affects the health of all terrestrial life. A new report by an international coalition of marine scientists makes for grim reading. It concludes that the oceans are approaching irreversible, potentially catastrophic change.


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    As the human population continues to grow, more garbage, sludge and junk is dumped in the global ocean every day on this slowly shrinking planet. Thus, the ocean and life on Earth have only one future: ecocide and extinction. If 100% safe recycling and peaceful family planning education were put into action immediately, there might be a chance of survival, but most people don't even want to talk about it, so tragically, our fate has been sealed by our instinctively myopic need to grow forever.

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A Look Into the Oceanís Future

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