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    Oct 2009
    Los Angeles, CA.

    Lightbulb Paper Recycling

    With it being estimated that paper and cardboard combined make up 73% of materials in landfills, why do you think that paper is often overlooked when people think of going Green? Of course fuel, water, emissions, even trees come to mind, but recycling paper is something we, as a collective society, tend to forget. Any ideas?


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    Jul 2009


    I have a big bin which is just for paper recycle. We do recycle every two weeks and the bin with paper always fill up with old printing paper, old books, old magazines, junk mail and paper boxes. Some of these we don't have to consume or reduce the usage. For printing paper, you can just read and save on your computer; for paper boxes, try to buy those products which have simple package; for junk mail, call the company or agencies to unsubscribe. We've done all these things for the past 2 years, but still end up with a full box of paper that needs to be recycled.

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    I did to gave all these papers to the branch of the recyclers. And even not use to throe them into dustbin's.

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Paper Recycling

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