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    Default Houston ABC Affiliate Does Green

    The ABC Affiliate in Houston, Texas, KTRK-TV, is going to host a Houston E-Cycle Drive on Earth Day, April 17th. Here are some details from http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/feature?...ity&id=6735980

    Houston E-Cycle Drive

    CPU - computers (IMPORTANT: See Hard Drive Security Concerns below)
    1. Monitors
    2. Keyboards
    3. Computer Mouse device
    4. Router/hubs/switches
    5. Laptops
    6. Printers
    7. Fax machines
    8. Power cords
    9. All cords such as Ethernet, printer cable, USB cable etc.
    10. Cell phones
    11. UPS (Un-interrupted Power supply)
    12. Servers
    13. Telephone and switches
    14. Computer motherboards & finger boards
    15. DVD players
    16. Game consoles
    17. VCRs
    18. Satellite receivers
    19. Microwaves
    20. TV's no greater than 36"

    1. Dumb terminals (used as viewing device for main frame)
    2. Monochrome monitors (Black and white, old monitors, single color)
    3. Household electrical items

    Recycling Your Cell Phones:
    If you are bringing in cell phones for recycling, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the cell service is shut off on the phone. Most cell phones offer a "master reset" feature in the menu, which will wipe all data (contacts, recent calls, etc) from the phone and restore it to a factory state.

    Recycling Your Computers - Hard Drives:
    If you are bringing your computer from home for recycling and are worried about personal contents in your hard drive, you have THREE options:
    1. Remove the hard drive (and smash it up or use it in your new computer)
    2. Erase your hard drive (format it using any variety of programs; e.g., boot-n-nuke)
    3. Leave the hard drive in the computer. The hard drives in all computers dropped off at ABC-13 during the drive will be recycled by ABC-13 vendor CompuCycle, The hard drives will be destroyed and shredded at vendor's facilities, using industrial hard drive shredders.

    Recycling TVs, Household & Other Electronics
    The following items can be conveniently recycled at the City of Houston's Westpark Recycling Center, located at Westpark and Fountainview. The Center offers convenient drive-through services for the drop-off of household electronics (toasters, grills, vacuum cleaners), DVD players, stereos, game consoles, VHS decks and satellite receivers - as well as computer-related items. For more information, click on the following link: City of Houston eGovernment Center.

    KTRK Television Inc is not responsible for donated computer equipment or its handling by any third-party recycling companies or organizations.
    KTRK-TV has devoted an entire area of its website to green information. For those interested see: ACTION 13 GREEN TEAM
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    Excellent link, rbinck!

    It is great to see some real progress being made to spread the Green word. KTRK appears to be a leader amongst local newscasters.

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Houston ABC Affiliate Does Green

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