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    Mar 2010

    Default Surrey B.C. Is Going Geothermal!

    If you are one who cares about clean energy & the environment, this is some welcome news.

    I'm sure you all know what geothermal energy is, but if you don't it is basically a way of tapping energy from the ground using the heat deep down in the earths crust. This is a very clean way of creating energy, and heating homes.

    Personally I feel this is one technology that has the most current potential in the green energy ring and is being adopted by the city of Surrey, the second largest city in British Columbia.

    "Within two years, B.Cís second largest city will have a Geothermal energy distribution system operating at its city Center."

    Full Article:
    B.C’s Geothermal Love Expands to Surrey | E N V I R O G Y
    District geothermal energy system set for city centre

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    Thanks for sharing. I live in survey but I donot know it yet.

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Surrey B.C. Is Going Geothermal!

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