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    Default Plant A Free Tree


    I'd like to announce the grand opening of PlantAFreeTree.com. Our site will plant a free tree for every single person who becomes a member (US/Canada only)!

    We are sponsored by corporations which enables us to plant trees for every single signup! It is totally 100% free to signup and takes about 3 minutes of your time!

    Planting a single tree will reduce your carbon output for the year by about 5% so it is a good start on your way to living a carbon neutral environmentally friendly life style!

    Plant A Free Tree .com

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    This is a great concept. How much does each tree cost to plant. For every $x donated how many trees will be planted?

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    Thanks. great information. The forum is really helping me to know different things we can do to save our planet and keep environment green and healthy.

    This is from a few months before;
    how many trees to plant to offset the 26.4 Gigatons of CO2 put out in 2012? At 1/2 ton per tree per ten years.
    26.6 x 10 x one billion tons x 1/2 ton= 133 billion trees planted per year!!! Or 18.73 trees for each human on Earth per year!!!
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Plant A Free Tree

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