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    Default The food packaging waste in China. The unbearable disposable.

    I am from Europe.
    I live in China.
    This country wastes so much raw materials, itís unbelievable.
    One billion four hundred million people.
    In the restaurants they donít drink in a reusable glass, and wash it after,
    they donít reuse things. Everything is disposable. A massacre.
    In Europe, in the restaurants, we drink in a big real glass, and then the restaurant washes
    it after.
    We reuse it approximately 1000 times.
    In China 1.4 billion people drink in a disposable plastic containers. They use it only ten minutes,
    and throw it in the trash bin after. They just donít wash things now.
    1.4 billion people doing so every day. Using billions of disposable items.

    Often they buy a takeaway in a restaurant.
    Then the restaurant gives them a meal, puts it in a disposable polystyrene box. With two disposable
    chopsticks made of bamboo, and a disposable plastic bag.
    It is an enormous waste.
    5 minutes after; one polystyrene box, two chopsticks and one plastic bag go to the bin.
    Oil is wasted in this country.

    Every day billions of plastic items are being used only five minutes.

    They donít care one second about saving oil.
    In this country nobody thinks: "I should sit in the restaurant 10 minutes, and eat my meal in a
    normal reused plate, with reused chopstick and drink in a reused glass."
    They donít care if the plastic packaging goes to the bin within 5 minutes

    Another enormous waste. The plastic bottle.
    Their tap water is not drinkable in China, from enormous pollution.
    Then 1.4 billion people buy billions of little disposable plastic bottles everyday.
    400 ml water and other sugar shit drinks. They drink it one minute, and then it goes to the bin.
    Everything is disposable in China, a complete plastic and oil massacre.
    }they are a HUGE contributor to all three giant Pacific garbage patches{

    When they go to work, or when they go out, they should have a backpack with a one litter bottle
    in it, a reusable bottle.
    They should fill it everyday at home, and drink it outside.
    Then once a week they should wash it. }if they had pure tap water--but it is full of industrial chemicals, excrement, and bacteria, like in India{

    So much food packaging, such a large waste. This oil based plastic packaging goes directly to the trash bin.}not enough is recycled{

    This country makes me worry. They buy oil fields in Brazil, in Africa. }and the US gets blamed as the scapegoat big consumer{
    and I see so much waste here. Millions and millions of disposable packaging for the food
    goes to the bin every day.
    We must stop this disposable way of life.
    We must buy our food in the market, food on sale without packaging, and we must cook it at
    home. }preferably with solar ovens{
    Or we must sit in the restaurant and eat in the restaurant.}which should also use large sun ovens{
    This supermarket packaging, these restaurants take away plastic boxes--- itís a plague for our oil fields
    and natural resources.

    China also builds millions and millions of "modern" houses and apartments.}but NOT eco-houses{
    They want it to look like the European palaces.
    They put Marble stones everywhere.
    A terrible waste.
    The same as the food packaging.
    Disposable marble stones. }coal burning concrete industry for man made "marble"{
    Thin disposable "marble" plates everywhere, for the sidewalk construction,
    for the stairs construction,
    in everybody's flat living area,
    and 5 years later they destroy it.
    }The following, I did not correct his spelling or error in thinking all the marble was the natural quarried kind{
    precious marbour. The marbour is a precious stone. Need millions of years for create one.
    the marbour is precious, we can use it only in special occasions.
    like building a governement building.
    but not for everybody house. Not for sidewalk construction, not for office construction.
    they stick this marbour plate on concreate, and destroy it after 5 years.
    a marbour statue should last 4000 years.
    a marbour palace should last 4000 years.

    but in China the marbour is used for building sidewalk or everybody apartment.
    5 years later and they destroy it and put it in the bin. A massacre.
    itís a scandale. The marbour, this precious row material will not exist any longer if we donít stop
    that.}true with the real marble component, and also to an extent with the "cultured"(man-made) marble{

    They are wasting raw materials so badly. They just want to make short term profit.
    They export so much of this marble also, just to make money. They donít care if this precious
    mountains are destroyed forever after.}cultured marble is made with cement, fine sand and gypsum with coloring agents{
    They never think long term. }the scientists requesting 1 child families to prevent eco-collapse in 1979 thought ahead, but were superseded by the need of farmers to have two children to keep up agricultural output. Still, the practice of "night soil", adding village and close by raw excrement to the fields at night, was stopped. Now half of China's soil has NO organics anymore and plants only live with petrochemical fertilizers, which lack some micro-nutrients. They donít care about nature(enough). They have no respect for nature.
    Last edited by Val; 11-06-2012 at 01:01 PM.

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    Default Ok in Europe we use a one tone car for buying three yoghurts

    Ok in Europe or in the US people use a one tone car and drive 20 minutes for buying a 500 grammes eggs box.
    At night after their work.
    They complain after, they say, i have no chance in my live.
    If they kill nature ressources for little purpose, bad things happen.
    Millions of people use this tank for little purpose.
    If we critizise others, we must also compare them with us.
    Last edited by leopard777; 11-03-2010 at 02:38 AM.

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    Undeniably,you have seen part of the truth. But you didn't see that ,in China, supermarkets, department stores and groceries have stopped giving out free plastic bags for a long time.

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    Jun 2010

    Cool answer

    Chinese people, Thai people, Vietnamese people, don't buy in supermarket.
    They have few supermarkets. They go there once in a while.
    They buy their food in vegetable market everyday. They have so many.
    These three countries, it's plastic bags free. The grocery store give plastic bags, of course, who told you they don't give plastic bags?
    If you purchase something in a vegetable market or in a grocery store, they will not give you one plastic bag, they will give you three.

    But you know in USA or in Europe we use our cars just for purchasing a 6 eggs box 100 meters from our home... cost large amount of oil.
    Instead of using a little scooter, or a bicycle.

    No, the most shocking in Asia it's their take away meals. An environmental chaos,
    many young people buy a take away meal, or call a delivery.
    It's a mountain of packaging three times a day.
    A polystyrene white box, a disposable chopstick, and three plastic bags.
    only for one meal. In Vietnam, Thailand, China, means billions of people.
    Just sit in the restaurant 15 minutes, and eat in a normal plate.
    In Europe we are careful because our TV Newspaper speak a lot about it.
    The population knows that we must use less plastic as possible. We don't have so much crude oil.

    All this governments on earth, they will start one day to make our oil out of vegetable.
    I mean we need now biofuel and we need plastic made out of vegetable.
    What are they waiting for? A chaos due to a run out of crude oil.

    {I corrected your horrible spelling. It is true that chaos will happen as oil is too expensive from scarcity/more expense to bring it to the surface, and more demand from overpopulation. Your population figure for China is wrong--it is now 1.4 billion. Revealing how big they are in pollution at the local level is great, and they have been the world's largest polluter of HGHGs by far. So many die there from cancers, and they eat anything they can get, without regard to depletion. Another problem is that if the oil and coal are continued to be burned, tipping points in nature will be crossed by 2020, with runaway methane releases for over a thousand years and thermageddon with extinction of 90% of all species. Humans will have entire eco-systems they depend on, collapse. Val{
    Last edited by Val; 11-06-2012 at 01:09 PM.

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The food packaging waste in China. The unbearable disposable.

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