A Vancouver Island University researcher has been awarded $46,000 to research green roofs, coinciding with an experimental green roof system that will begin in Nanaimo.

The Canada Foundation for Innovation awarded the funds to biology professor David Gaumont-Guay to support research into the benefits of green roofs in B.C.

The funds will be used to purchase an integrated environmental monitoring station associated with the installation of an experimental green roof system in the City of Nanaimo. The green roof will be installed on the property of Island West
Coast Development as part of the construction of their new office building.

Over the next three years, researchers will investigate the performance of the green roof, which includes exploring storm and rain water management.

Green roofs have significant potential for offsetting carbon emissions originating from building operations but officials say there is a need for research, which could help develop policies for land-use planning and also has the potential to lead to changes in the LEED certification program.

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