Hi everyone! I am involved with GreenXC, a group of individuals trying to protect the national parks, one rideshare at a time. I know, I know, what does ridesharing even have to do with national parks? Well, we have completely revolutionized the traditional road trip with a CROSS-COUNTRY RIDESHARE ADVENTURE! That’s right, we will travel cross-country and explore various national parks exclusively via rideshares. “Share a ride, tell a story, save a park.” Our motto may be simple, but our aspirations are less so. Sure, the idea sounds pretty crazy, but with the help of other green-minded people like you, we know we can achieve our goal and help raise money and awareness for our beloved national parks. We want to reach out to all you environmental enthusiasts out there to help us complete our epic journey and take part in the experience. We can’t wait to meet those of you who will help us rideshare across the country. Your fascinating stories, which we will document on our blog, will inspire our followers and motivate them to take action. For more information on our agenda, check out GreenXC- Ride-Sharing Cross Country to Protect National Parks.